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Fine DuBarry mousse with salmon

Cooked salmon 500g
Cauliflower 250g
Whipped cream 500g
Gelatine leaves 8
Lemon juice 200g
Lemon 3
Dill QS
Chive QS
Sugar, balsamic vinegar  
Salt, pepper, spices  



Cook the salmon and cauliflower by poaching (in boiling water) in 2 different saucepans.

Whip the cream, chop the herbs finely. Prepare a tangy caramel with balsamic vinegar.

Divide the whipped cream in two.

Rehydrate the gelatine, melt it for 10 seconds in the microwave and incorporate it to the cream.

Chop the salmon in the cutter. Add some cream to the salmon in the cutter and mince it again.

Zest the lemons, poach them (candy in the boiling water).

Rehydrate the gelatine and incorporate with hot lemon juice with the zests. 

Mix the minced salmon with the rest of the cream.

Gradually add the jellified lemon juice.

Mix the fine herbs with the cream.

Put the preparation in a piping bag and set aside in the fridge.

Caramelize the cauliflower, correct the seasoning.

Fill the « verrines » glasses.


Mix the fine mousse with a spatula and not a whisk as it breaks the mousse.

  • We can use tuna or any other type of white fish instead of salmon.
  • With this fine mousse recipe, we can also make « verrines » of salmon tartar with apples.

Just cut the apples into cubes. Mix them with olive oil and herbs.

Present the « verrines » as below :