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Master Range

Master DMX 410

Ref.: MX003

Will mix, blend, puree, emulsify, up to 25 gal. / 100 litres in just a few minutes.

Technical data
Machine diameter 122mm
Total length 720mm
Total length 410mm
Weight 3,7Kg
Output max 600W
R.P.M. loaded 3 000 to 10 500 R.P.M.
Volume 40 to 100L
  • Safety switch
  • Continuous function auto run button allows to mix continuously or pulse
  • Ergonomic body
  • Higher Ventilation Point
  • Indicator light : for your safety the light indicates that the unit is plugged in and ready for operation
  • All stainless-stell tool and guard
  • Titanium-plated blade
  • Simply requires a small screwdriver to remove the blade
  • Mixer tool attachment can be easily disassembled

Allows you to blend, puree, mix, & emulsify directly in the cooking pot.

Indispensable for the soups preparations, salad dressings, gravy, sauces, mayonnaise, re-fried beans, batters and many other products.

Ideal for pureeing many types of cooked vegetables or similar products.

For the nurseries or for diets : puree of vegetables lightluy pulverized, porridge, raw carrots puree, fruits cream,etc...


Never clean this machine with water jet spray.

Never immerse the motor block into any liquid.

Put the tube with the blade protector in clear water and start the machine for 3 seconds or more to clean the inside of the blade protector.

Disconnect immediately the plug of the mixer.

Afterward, clean the outside of the tube and the blade protector by passing it under the faucet.

Do not put tools in a dishwasher since high temperature and chemicals can dammage mechanical parts and plastic housing.


Ricer Tool Senior and Master

Ricer Tool Senior and Master