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Dynamix Range

Dynamix DMX 160 - 2 blades

Ref.: MX060

A truly professional mixer for small preparations!

The Dynamix is light, fast and efficient with a detachable foot allowing simple use, easy cleaning and maintenance.

Technical data
Machine diameter 70mm
Total length 395mm
Total length 160mm
Weight 1Kg
Output max 220W
R.P.M. loaded 3 000 to 13 000 R.P.M.
Volume 1 to 4L
  • A special 4-blade knife Detachable shaft Lightweight!
  • Only 990 grams Speed 3.000 to 13.000 R.P.M.
  • Mixer : Indispensable for the preparation of soups, salad dressings, gravies, sauces, mayonnaise, refried beans and many other applications
  • Whisks : For easy preparation of batters, creams, mousseline sauces and whipped egg whites.
  • Foodmill/ricer : Ideal for making purees, smooth vegetable creams, compotes, etc.
  • Cutter : Allows you to grind, mix, chop vegetables, garlic, onions, herbs, parsley, nuts, minced meat, parmesan and making short crust pastry or bread dough.

On this model it is not possible to remove mixer foot assembly for cleaning.

Start by unplugging the unit, then rinse under running water, never use jet spray guns motor can sustain serious damages by splashing water passing thru ventilations slots.

To clean the inside portion of the blade protector you can place the mixer into clear water and start the machine for few seconds.


Graduated bowl 1L Dynamix

Graduated bowl 1L Dynamix