Visuel fond 2018

Dynacube + Grid 7x7 mm

Ref.: CL005

The perfect manual kitchen tool : simple and practical to use for rapidly and efficiently dicing vegetables.

Its patended grid system made with surgical stainless steel blades, ensures a clean consistent cut of vegetables, fruit and certain cooked meat.

Great fo soft vegetables.

Technical data
Machine diameter 400mm
Weight 3,1Kg
Volume 30 to 50kg/hour
  • Funnel for positioning the food preparation
  • Long harm handle for easy operation
  • Three snap clips make changing and cleaning the grids easy
  • Stainless-steel chute guides large quantities into a smaller container

By removing the upper cover you have access to the area where to install the choosen Knifes, 7, 8.5, 10, 14 or 17 mm.

Re-install the cover.

You can now use the Dynacube if you want to cut sticks.

If you want to cut cubes you have to install the bottom circulating blade.

After that operation you are now ready to cut cubes.


After each use, the crank must be in an upper position, remove the cutting blade by pulling downward.

Disengage all (3) latches, remove the upper and lower grid.

Wash the top and bottom units, cutting grids, cutter blade and the stainless steel chute with clear running water.

CAUTION : Do not insert hand in funnel.

Do not put in a dishwasher as hot water can damage it.