Visuel fond 2018


The 2018 Gelato World Cup

sigep_moulin_rougeDynamic Partner of the French Gelato team 2018!

They rely on Dynamic and they will compete using our products during the 2018 Gelato World Cup.

Congratulations to this French team who wins the 2018 Gelato World Cup at Rimini, Italy, on the theme of "Moulin Rouge"! 

A test that was spread over 4 days and who has been preparing for a year.
See you in a year!


The benefits of the Blender tool

- Fast : Quick installation.
- Performance : Quality and efficient dicing.
- Hygiene : Easy to clean.
- Comfort : Easy transport and storage.
- Versatility : Specific tools to allow different cuts.
- Security : No direct contact with the blade.


Homogenize, grind, crush, mix, smooth, emulsify.

The blender system ensures a smooth, soft and light texture. No need to sieve.


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